New iPhone 6 Fpc Connectors For iPhone 6 Lcd, Touch, Volume, Battery, Home, Charging, Back Camera, Front Camera, Power Button

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All Replacement Connectors For iPhone 6 6G.

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Apple iPhone 6 All Fpc Connector Socket. 

Need to solder on logic board. Replacement Connectors for iPhone 6 6G.

Available Connectors For iPhone 6 :

  • iPhone 6 Lcd Connector
  • iPhone 6 Touch Connector
  • Volume Mute Connector
  • Battery Fpc Connector
  • Home Button Connector
  • Power Button Connector
  • Charging Fpc Connector
  • Back Camera Fpc Connector
  • Front Camera Fpc Connector


*Professional skill required for replace this fpc.


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Lcd, Touch, Charging, Front Camera, Back Camera, Volume Mute, Power Button, Home Button

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